Fox X-Brace Pools

FOX pools use the principles applied in the construction of skyscrapers, many automobile frames, bridges, water towers and any applications where maximum strength is required.

In a swimming pool, thousands of gallons of water inside the pool and thousands of pounds of earth and water pressure outside the pool, make it clear that maximum strength is required.

The FOX X Brace pool building concept gives you this kind of structural integrity. Patented by FOX, and perfected through the years, this engineering principle has been authenticated in an exclusive Engineering Report, prepared by an independent consulting engineering firm. Ask Swim World to show you a copy...your assurance of lasting strength in any Fox pool you select.

The John Hancock Skyscraper





With a Fox Pool, swim world can backfill the pool, install the liner and even pour and complete the deck before filling the pool




With a Fox Pool, swim world can install the liner and fill the pool before backfilling or installing the deck.



Z-Bar vertical stiffeners, top stiffeners and wall brace in the FOX X Brace design are illustrated. Z-Bar stiffeners are covered by U.S. Patent No. 4,797,957. Note that the entire steel structure is FOXGARD protected.




 As shown on these pages, there's no need to equalize water and backfill pressures when constructing a FOX pool. With a X-Brace or a Z-Bar every 2', vertical walls are extra strong. Braces are bolted and Z- Bars are welded with a non-corrosive silicone bronze ( and even that is powder coated for even more protection)

On straight walls, Fox uses heavy gauge steel U channel stiffeners at the top and L channel stiffeners at the bottom to assure that all walls are perfectly straight.


Benefits to You!

  • Pool is self-standing at all times.

  • Backfill, pour concrete decking immediately without concern for earth settlement of frost -upheaval deck is supported on X-Brace pool system.
  • Drain your pool with no fear of wall collapse or distortion.
  • Pool will retain its like new shape for as long as you own it, protecting your investment and giving you lasting value.

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